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M&L videos_3

Videos by Mike and Linda

Collection 3

....From April, 2012 ...

In chronological order ...


This is what it's all about.. Having fun..

Linda and Grumm at the Xmas "Do"

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July 2013

Grumm flies the  Nieuport 


June 2013

 John's Bi-Stormer


May 2013

Grumm's maiden flight of the DH Sea Vixon 


December 2012.

Xmas at the field   


October 2012

WMFC flying with Chas, John, Eddie & Bob.


September 2012 

WMFC at Henham Part 1

WMFC at Henham  Part 2

Henham, featuring Dick's large models, flown by Terry

 More from Dick's Large Models, Henham 

August 2012

WMFC at Raveningham Fair   

Graham having a blast  



July 2012

Ian flies the Defiant

WMFC general flying including Harry

 Grumm flies his Wot4

WMFC Fun Day

June 2012

More Scary Sightings in Aldeby

David's first take off

Ian's Cessna


May 2012

Zombies of Aldeby

Ben's pilot view from the F16

Ben's 3rd scale Piper Cub

A hint of summer at last

Flying without wing

Rougham Large Model Show

Marty & Jeff fly The Beast


April 2012

Ben's Maiden flight 90" Laser 2000