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Videos by Mike and Linda

Collection 7


In chronological order ...

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Graham Wilkes Mr Mulligan on the starting blocks


April 2017

MAIDEN flight of the Buckerjungmeister (Graeme Minty)


John Straw flies his Auster


Ian Loome’s Maiden flight on his Thunderbolt


Grumm flies Mr Mulligan


Grumm, Ian and the Gee Bees


Harry Woodrow’s Slide show  of his Photos 2017 


June 2017

Summer BBQ & fly- in (slide show)


Robert Cox flies the Hannibal


September 2017

Linda flies the Bücker Jungmeister


November 2017

Linda flies the WW1 Bristol

Graeme Minty flies the Fieseler Storch


December 2017

WMFC Christmas Dinner (Slide show)