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WMFC All Day Flying Event

Ellough, June 2002



The all day events take place once a month, where the weather allows, these events take the form of free flying and fun competitions with a barbecue laid on (bring your own grub). The first all day event was to be held on 17th June, the invites were out and even a portaloo was hired for the day.... unfortunately the British weather being as it is the day was a disaster with a deluge of rain from dawn till dusk with no option but to cancel the whole thing. The second all day was purely a WMFC do which faired somewhat better with a bright but overcast day until late afternoon when the sun came out. The barbecue was fired up and a good day was had by all...... well almost all, some models got a little battered, some more than others (see pics). Competitions were run throughout the day for spot landings, deadstick endurance, touch and goes and a bout of balloon busting




This action shot!!! shows the auditorium as it has become known, where members and spectators alike enjoy taking the mick out of anyone who falls into the category of "likely source of amusement"...... all done in the best possible taste of course. Bob Wren can be seen doing a pre-flight check on his 1/4 scale Cub....... "something not quite right here!"


Still not sussed it?.....OTHER WAY UP BOB!


Still it does fly the right way up.... very slow and very stable


A brace of jets.... all electric and using the Speed 400 motors and eight cells, the two canards are single motor Foxbat models that could really do with a bit more power, the little one in the centre is made by the same company and is a Me163 Komet again powered by a single Speed 400 motor but due to it's size is a lot faster, the final one is the Multiplex Twinjet with two 400's and it really goes well. All the models are expanded foam with the Twinjet being EPP instead of EPS as the other three... EPP?....expanded Polypropylene.... EPS?.... expanded Polystyrene


Graham's clipped wing cub


One of the younger members of the club... Ian Loome holding his Wot4 built by his own capable hands.... with a little help of course....Well we all need it sometimes. An excellent pilot only passing his "A" earlier this year


Ian's Wot4 again..... must fit that cowl back on Ian!


Sorry about the quality of this one but it was at long range. Our illustrious chairman John Gibson takes time out to "steer" his model for the duration competition and you can just about make out him trying to help it along by holding the transmitter higher (arrowed)..... it doesn't make any difference John..... honest!