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WMFC All Day Flying Event

Ellough, September 2004



The all day events take place once a month throughout the "summer" months, where the weather allows. These events take the form of free flying and fun competitions with a barbecue laid on (bring your own grub). The Sept all day event was to be held on 12th, unfortunately weather was once more against us with high winds which left us no option but to postpone it till later in the month. The second attempt at this all day faired slightly better weather wise and started off with sunshine, this soon changed with the sky clouding up and the risk of rain was ever present, this however did not materialise and a good day, if a bit chilly, was had by all. The barbecue was fired up at lunchtime with Ian Mortimer as chief cook. A competition was held for duration with a number of members taking part.... with a chuck glider design put forward by Harry Shimwell. Yes I know this is a Radio Control club, but hey! what's wrong with a bit of basic good old chuck glidering FUN




This shot shows the "pit area" where models and flyers alike stand about waiting to fly and models are started up and readied for flight.


Car park!..... more cars here than models on the flying field.......



Ian Mortimer with "barby" doing a great job of chief cook.



What do we do with these?"...... The chuck glider competition about to get under way with, from left to right :- Roy Shelley, Les Rudd (time recorder), Tom Cole, Ian Mortimer, Sam Barber (score keeper) and Harry Shimwell, watching on with some amusement..... can't think why!



Ian about to launch his winning glider, he had a flight time of over 15 seconds



One of the younger members of the club, Sam Barber, watches on as Tom Cole launches his "chuck" glider



Chas Sugg and his wife enjoying a relaxing banana..... kind of reminds you of a small primates tea party..... doesn't it?