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WMFC All Day Flying Event

Ellough, July 2005



Every year the club holds all day events which take place midsummer once a month, where the weather allows, as in past years these events take the form of free flying and fun competitions with a barbecue laid on (bring your own grub). The first 2005 all day event was held on 10th July, an invite was sent out to Greenair Designs who were to come along and fly their electric creations as a follow up to a demo at one of our monthly club meetings, however this was not to be as they failed to turn up with no explanations despite numerous phone calls, reminders, messages etc. (bad show boys). The British weather decided to smile upon us however and with light winds blowing down the strip it was a brilliant day. Lunchtime saw Ian Mortimer again take on the role of chief burger burner and the barbecue was fired up and a good day was had by all...... well almost, some of the models got a little battered, some more than others. Competitions were run throughout the day for spot landings, deadstick endurance and some touch and goes



This photo shows the model pit area complete with BOG's auditorium...... just look at that sky


This shot shows the transmitter area or pound and pegboard, a must for safe flying


This action shot!!! shows the BOG's auditorium ..... Kind of reminds you of Brighton sea front don't it? Oh if you're not sure what BOG's stands for........ it's boring old git's but don't tell them I said so


Barbeque area complete with wives in waiting...... why is it that men always do the cooking on the barby?


Chas Sugg brought his own private airforce to the all-day including a fine model of a Sopwith Dove..... took him best part of the day to assemble it


Chas and the Sopwith Dove, the Dove was a civilian version of the Pup. See club models for more pics


Our club chairman Ian Fulcher about to fly his Extra 300s carried out to the line by John Gibson


Not everyone had a smooth running day..... seen here is Roy Shelley fixing his Hurricane. Roy had more than his fair share of problems throughout the day


That's all for this years July all-day