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At the Field

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Showing the goings-on at the Aldeby field on a typical flying session
2nd June, 2007



For a flying club there seems to be very little flying going on and a lot of standing about and plenty of jaw exercising


A gaggle of experts trying to help young Sam barber with his Christen Eagle model


Dad will fix it.....


Don surveys a collection of fine models in the pits.


One out, one in.... Martin Catling bringing his model back after a successful flight and John Cowgill with Bob Jones walking out to the flight line.



John Cowgill about to fly his model with the help of Bob Jones.

Quick quiz... what is John Wilson (no.7) up to at the flight line? is he:-
a: lifting Ian Fulchers wallet.
b: giving him a quick cuddle.
c: jumping up and down in excitement.

All answers including original suggestions on a plain sheet of paper wrapped round a brick and tossed through the chairman's' window at midnight..



Lee Shelley flying his Katana with Ian Fulcher watching and getting a few pointers. Piers Ford-Crush also on the flightline flying his model.


Lee with one of his low inverted passes, the model can be seen, if you look carefully between Ian and Martin Catling in front of the tree


James Mount going out to fly his P47 Thunderbolt carried by Martin Catling, nice shorts James........


Douglas Dauntless being flown by Ian Fulcher in a very scale like manner.


The club caravan or "cafe" being supported by all the usual suspects.