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Brampton Plough Day 2005




Every year the club is asked to display our models at the annual farming event in Brampton Suffolk, Brampton is a small village just South of Beccles. The event is a show of vintage farm machinery and involves a ploughing competition using vintage tractors and ploughs, this takes place on a Sunday in early September. As in previous years we are able to fly our models should a suitable space and landing strip be available showing off our models and skills to the general public. In past years we have only been able to display small hand launched models as the flying area was a stubble field, this year we had the opportunity to fly some of the bigger models as the organisers had scraped and flattened an area for us to take off from and land, it was a bit on the small side and did get a bit dusty also a crosswind didn't help but we managed..... at least the sun shone for us.



This shot shows the static display line. Just behind the camera the ploughing competition was taking place


Close-up of the static display


A bit more of the static display


All this from just eight members.


A shot of some of the display of vintage farm equipment


Another shot of the kind of thing seen at this event


This shot shows one of the competitors for the ploughing competition, very nostalgic isn't it?


Tom Cole and Ian Fulcher prep the club trainer for flight while Sam Barber makes sure they do it properly


The trio flying the club trainer


Roy Shelley flying his 3D model..... and no, he hasn't got one leg shorter than the other..... he's hopping about with excitement with the thought of landing on that landing strip you can just make out in front of him, that's the flat bit.......


A couple of shots of the 3D model Roy was flying



Even the ladies come along to the event. Don't be fooled by the green.... it is not grass but some sort of weed, and we are not in a car park but the middle of a field


Graham included this shot to show how we get the models to the show and back home again....... guess how many models are in there?...... got to get a bigger car!
Guessed it? there was seven including a 1/4 scale Dr1 Triplane.



That's it for this year... come along to one of these events and say hello