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This page contains pictures and some details of models built and/or owned by club members of the Waveney Model Flying Club (WMFC)


Note:Pictures on this page taken between 2004 and 2007.
Some planes may have changed hands, or no longer be around...Bob


Flair Puppeteer, built and owned by Brian Roe but damaged in an accident, the damaged model was repaired by Graham Wilkes and is now owned by Martin Catling, powered by a 52 four stroke it flies very well.



This model belongs to Ian Fulcher and is a Super Chipmunk done in the colours of the aerobatic ace Art Scholl.




Ian's latest model is a P38 Lightning twin engined fighter built by his dad Ken from an Aerotech kit and powered by two SC52 four strokes. Model flies and sounds superb, well done Ken. The photos are of the model prior to it's maiden flight, an undercarriage fault prevented it from flying on this day.



John Gibson's models occasionally appear at the field, and he does fly them. This one is a Flair Magnatilla powered by a .50 four stroke



A super Tiger Moth model, this 1/4 scale Flair one was built built by Brian Roe and finished in the RAF yellow colour scheme. Powered by a 120 four stroke it has ample power for this large 89" span model.



Roy Shelley showing off his YT International Razorback P47 Thunderbolt.



Tom Cole, one of the "good ole boys" has been a club member for many a year and is a keen builder and flyer..... "this here is a Wifurskin" says he..... "of course it is" says I


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