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Duxford visit 2006


Thanks to club member Paul Catling, a visit to Duxford was organised at the end of the 2006 flying season for club mkembers to view the historic aircraft stored there, but more importantly, thanks to Paul we were to be able to get in close and in some cases to actually sit in the priceless warbirds of the Fighter Collection. Paul works at Duxford for the Fighter Collection as a volunteer and has hands on experience of maintaining the aircraft in flying condition



Ready for the off......



Dick Wickham discusses the intricasies of the Grumman Bearcat with John Gibson...... as if ! Just look at the size of that prop



Another big prop.... this one is on the front of the "No Guts No Glory" P47 thunderbolt, this is one of the aircraft that Paul Catling looks after, the small one on the floor is scale model of the full size built by Paul



While we're in the subject of large props, here's another one on an F4U Corsair nicely given scale by Terry Utting



Corsair folding wing detail, you won't get this close at your standard airshow flightline...... just look at that detail



More Corsair detail, this time the undercarriage



Back to the P47 thunderbolt and a close up shot of the cowl, some maintenance going on here



New to the Fighter Collection, a P36 Curtis Hawk, still having some restoration work done


Another shot of the Hawk, nice modelling subject


A P51B or is it? could it be an A36 Apache? A classic by any estimation


Another classic undergoing restoration, a Gloster Gladiator, that structure is amazing


Now this one is a P51, unmistakable and instantly recognizable, wait..... who's that in the cockpit?


Sam Barber tries the Mustang for size, Paul Catling gives him some pointers



Young Jamie Mortimer also tries the Mustang for size



Jamie's dad Ian tries it next



Another Mortimer, it's Martin this time trying out the Spitfire, you need a higher seat Martin.....



Young Craig Jude was up next and Paul Catling informs him he needs to grow a bit before he can see over the instrument panel



Jamie and Ian Mortimer with the P40 Warhawk.


Sam barber has a seat in the Warhawk


A classic American warbird..... the F6F Hellcat.



Graham Wilkes has a soft spot for the hellcat and here he tries one on for size



We weren't allowed to mess with this one as it's a bit delicate and a bit rare...... a Bristol Fighter.


Another shot of the Bristol Fighter showing the superb workmanship involved with these classic aircraft


This shot was included to show the diminutive tailwheel on the Grumman Hellcat, so now you know..... that silly little tailwheel that came with your ARTF kit is probably the right size


The club would like to thank the Fighter Collection and Paul Catling for a great day out, it was an experience not to be missed.