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Henham Steam Rally 2005

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As in past years the club was invited to display our models at the premium event in Suffolk, namely the Henham Steam Rally. The Rally takes place in the middle of September and this year took place once more at Henham. Once again we were able to fly our models showing off our skills to the general public, but this year due to a lack of flyers we tried a new spin on things and had two of our club trainers airborne and introduced members of the public to the hobby with 5 minute sessions on a buddy box system. This proved to be so popular that it was difficult to find time to fly our other models. A good display of static models was both outside and inside the main model marquee along with an RC simulator and TV showing various model videos


This shot shows the static display outside the marquee

outside the marquee


Another shot showing the outside display, and the Chairman doing what he does best......!


Inside the marquee centre static display


Another view of the centre static display inside the marquee



More of the static display. An r/c model flight simulator was available for anyone who fancied a go, and a video of models was playing all day


Some more of the display models inside the marquee


A nice shot of Alan Parkers 1/4 scale SE5A, built by former member Peter Brown.


Some of the other exhibits in the model marquee were these Mamod steam models, these models are now getting very rare


I thought I would include this picture of the model engineering stand as the gentleman in shot obviously needs to get a more enjoyable hobby......... come flying!.... it is great fun. Seriously though, the models were exquisite.



On the subject of exquisite models, these horse drawn and gypsy wagons were beautiful.

Outside at the flying area we had models ready to be flown and a control tent. Our Chairman again did what he does best and commentated on the flying via a PA system


Here we see the control tent, although it did appear to resemble the local crèche at times. The ladies are (left) Ian Mortimer's wife and (right) Martin Mortimer's wife.




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