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Henham 2011

Henham Steam Rally, 17th and 18th September, 2011, at Henham Park, near Southwold, Suffolk 

Each year, WMFC has a flying display, and also a static display in a nearby marquee 

Here are some of the highlights of this event

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A fine lineup of the Warbirds

And the Civilian, Sport and "other" aircraft


The Heli section


David gets away early with his big Yak




Grumm tests the air with the Sea Fury



A few obstacles to negotiate on the landing approach




Phil puts the Hughes heli through it's paces


And then loosens up on the Raptor


A pair of Chipmunks are readied by the Catling Team


Martin (right) had problems with his engine


So, a solo display by Paul


What a show-off ☺






Nice flying, and safely returns to Earth


Martin does some leisurely flying with his Flair Magnatilla



Chas takes off the G-Wizz
This is a scratch built own design model. The fuse design was determined by an existing wing.

Powered by a .32 ASP 2-stroke


Grumm's leccy Skyhawk wowed the crowds


A young lady draws the winning tickets for the raffle
Behind John and Don is the Flight simulator Cinema.

This was all included in our separate static display