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Henham 2012

Henham Steam Rally, 15th and 16th September, 2012, at Henham Park, near Southwold, Suffolk 

Each year, WMFC has a flying display, and also a static display in a nearby marquee 

A grand day, Saturday, fine, sunny and warm.. plenty of good company and good cheer..
Strip in excellent condition, thanks to our ground crew..Bit of a crosswind to keep our Pilots on their toes..

Another great static display..

Plus those in the marquee, which I forgot to photograph.. :oops: :oops:

This 40% Super Decathlon was purchased by Dick Hales recently.
Seen here with Linda and Mike..

And this is Dick's Douglas 0-46 Army Observer plane, scratch built.
Neither this one or the Decathlon flew, due to insurance reasons

It pays to have a big lorry if you have lots of large models.. :o :o

Here is Dick's Morane-Saulnier WW1 fighter, being started by Terry

And we're orf.. Seemed a bit of a handfull.. flew veeeery slowly..

3 of our brave pilots.. Martin, Chas and Ian..

Ryan takes Graham M leccy Pitts special up.. They use a buddy system, because Graham is Mode 1 and Ryan mode 2


Some great flying of the P-47 Thunderbolt by Grumm

Grumm released the bombs 1 nano-second after I took this photo :roll: :roll:

Chas's ME109 is scrambled..

A dogfight starts..

Oh! No!.. Has Grumm been shot down???? :shock: :shock:
No, just a deadstick caused by a broken muffler extension.. :cry: :cry:

Team Catling ready the Cessna twin..

Watch out for the heli, Martin.. :o :o




Ian and Paul start their Chipmunks for some synchro flying..

This Mustang of Paul's flew nicely too..

Jordy does a 4-point hesitation roll with the foamie wot4....

Lee takes off Dick's leccy DHC-6 Twin Otter..

It flew very slowly..flaps down for landing..

David and Ian do some great synchro flying with the wot4 and the Castrol Extra

Low inverted pass by David..

And the Extra safely down..

Terry starts the Boeing Stearman.. restrained by Dick and Marcus

Lurvely sounding engine.. 7 cylinder, Radial, petrol..

And, we're orf..flown by Lee on this occasion..

Loop de Loop.. :roll:

Flew very nicely..

This chap popped in to give us a bo-peep..

Ian and Martin start up the Cirrus Moth and the String-a-Long..

Low pass by the Moth..

The Stringalong gets orf..

The Cirrus Moth floats in for landing..


Grumm prepares to take off the Leccy Mitchell, aided by Chas..

Looks good..

Landing approach..

Terry launches the leccy Tankbuster..

Flown by Lee