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Henham 2014

Henham 2014

Henham Steam Rally, 20th, 21st September, 2014, at Henham Park, near Southwold, Suffolk 

Each year, WMFC has a flying display, and also a static display in a nearby marquee. 
Here are some of the highlights of this event

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A view of the Control tent, and static display


Some fine models, as usual...


Kiwibob and Ian were first up..


KB's Blackhorse Bravo


Ian's Castrol Extra


These 3 leccy Zagis were a crowd pleaser.. ☺☺


From left, Paul, Jordan and David


The pits area


Alan prepares his Heli


Good to see the club encourages helis



Grumm and John prepare their WW1 warbirds



Chas is first up with his fokker D7


Then Grumm with his Nieuport 28


Jordan sets down Martin's Puppetteer (similar to the Sopwith Pup)



A dogfight ensues...












Linda prepares her Acrowot for some aerobatics..


Harry's leccy Mustang


Paul's IC mustang


Grumm prepares his leccy ME262, ducted fan


Chas takes off his ME 109


Grumm takes orf his ME262


The BMFA flight simulator


Mike demonstrates the sim


Some of the planes in the static display marquee, including Robert's Flair Hannibal with Zenoah petrol engine


Robert, Alan and Stephen in the Marquee


John and Chas prepare for their "Routine" with Mystics


Linda is calling the moves..



Chas's Mystic


Ian prepares his Spitfire, aided by Jordan



Linda readies her wot4, while Kiwibob does the same .. Ian still working on the Spit..


Here's the WW2 warbirds.. Paul's Mitsubishi



Harry's P47


Our brave pilots.. Paul, Ian, Grumm and Harry


Linda and John prepare their patternships




Some inverted flying


Linda's Dave Smith Excelsior


John's Osmose



Mike's Sea Vixen, leccy, ducted fan


Alan's Vampire, leccy ducted fan


Always a crowd pleaser. Kiwibob's Crazy Panda with a .54 4 stroke


David did some amazing aerobatics with his leccy Piper cub..

Is it a "Grasshopper"??


A replica of the first sef propelled vehicle.. Steam, of course.. a Trevithick's steam carriage


Good grief!! a Hillman Imp not rusted away!!


A Messerschmitt that doesn't fly... the Messerschmitt KR200


Ah.. My kinda car.... A Buick with a massive V8


Some trad steam engines..




Martin prepares his twin cessna for flight.. checking both engines same rpm using a tacho..


And we're orf..


Some gentle aerobatics



The pilots and flight crews relax between missions..


Plenty of interest from the public of our display..


Matin's Boeing Stearman


All in all.. a grand weekend..


See you next year...