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WMFC Open Day

September 2nd 2006


This event was a bit of a celebration for the Waveney Model Flying Club as it was to open officially the new flying field. It was decided to have the event take place on a Saturday in early September as the winter flying hours start in September and it allowed us to hold an all day event. The weather however had other ideas and we couldn't have picked a worse day.... the wind was blowing at 20MPH plus crosswind to the strip and heavy rain was forecast. But as modellers we don't worry about things like that...... so we got on with it.



Early Saturday morning and the static display line is forming nicely and the party tents are up


The food tent with barbeque, drinks and cakes...... and of course, the ladies in waiting...



Some of the static display


Members models in the static display. Due to the bad conditions many of the models seen here were unable to fly



Some more of the display of model



More models on display, Tom Cole is readying his Tomtit to put in the display... far too windy for this type of model



This shot shows the static display and a couple of helicopters that came over for the day to fly from the Pheonix Club



One of the stars of the event was John Cameron's huge Dakota. At what I believe was 12ft wingspan this model was impressive..



Another shot of John's Dakota



Close up of the big Dakota's front end



An impromptu workshop was held in the big party tent so one of the heli's could be fixed, some of the static models were hastily put under cover as the rain started



Yes it did rain.....the models were quickly covered up with sheets of plastic, and it blew as well.... take a look at the windsock and the party tent. The tent was eventually blown down and ruined in the strong winds that ended the day



Models covered up to protect them from the rain


We did get some flying in before the rain and wind.... Here Eddy Didsbury from the Phoenix club takes his heli out to fly


Eddy off into the wild blue...... hang on...... grey yonder


Sam Barber and Ian Mortimer ready a trainer and buddy box system for a flight in a calmer, drier moment



Most of the day's flying was done here..... on the computer, with an RC flight simulator...... Paul Catling tries his hand


So what was the most popular part of the open day?..... yep!.... the food tent



All in all it was a great success even if the weather tried to spoil it for us. A big thanks has to go to the ladies of the NAAFI.... and all members that turned up and put on a fine display of models..... and everyone else who came.