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Open Day_07

WMFC Open Day September 2007

This event was the second the Waveney Model Flying Club has held at the new flying field. Once again the event took place on a Saturday in early September, this is because the winter flying hours start in September and it allows us to hold an all day event. The weather was a bit kinder to us this year with sunshine and light winds. Many new models were in evidence and everyone had plenty to talk about



Tom Cole brought along a new model, a Piper Tomahawk built from an Airsail kit and modelled on a full size right down to the colour scheme and markings. The model is powered by a Lazer four stroke engine and flies very well. The model in the foreground is Tom's old faithful.... a Hawker Tomtit, Why do you think that Tom has models named after him?....... Hmmm!


A nice shot of Chas's scratch built Sopwith Dove, this model is a lovely flier



Chas Sugg had a new model, a scratch built Messerschmitt 109, built from Chas's own plans and utilizing a spare Acro Wot wing he had laying about, Chas calls it a Messy Wot, can't think why.... The other models in the shot are a Sopwith Dove at the back and in the middle is a...... well actually no idea what it is, Chas says it's a Bat Plane, it is a flying wing design and is black..... the rest is pure imagination, it does however fly very well and is mighty quick



Graham Wilkes brought along a couple of his models, a Flair Focke Wulf FW190 much modified with new paint job and air retracts. Powered by an MVVS 160 petrol engine this model flies with great authority. The second model is Graham's Mig21, built from a Skyways part kit this model has no undercarriage fitted and has to use a take off dolly to get airborne, then has to land on it's belly. powered by an OS46FX this model is very quick and looks great in the air.



U-Can-Do 3D model belonging to Bob Jones and powered by an OS70 surpass four stroke, it does need the cowl fitted though Bob....


Ian brought along a new model, a P40 Warhawk combat model, this model was made from cutting out blue foam for the fuselage and white foam for the wing, the wing was covered with balsa and then solartex, the fuselage was just solartex covered as was the sheet balsa tail feathers, the whole thing was painted, it still needs the markings added but Ian wanted to test fly it first. Powered by an OS 15 two stroke it flew very well. Ian's Flair P47 Thunderbolt can be seen behind him waiting to be assembled prior to flying, this model flies really well


Graham gets ready to fire up the FW190 for another sortie over the airfield, although this is a large model it is a pussycat when in the air and is a real pleasure to fly


Pete Blackman's Kite trainer, this one has seen a lot of use but it still flies really well. These are great trainers and once you have learnt to fly they can be flown as a sport model. The model in the background is a Flip 3d also belonging to Pete, previously owned by Ben trowbridge



Another ME109, this one owned by Martin Catling. Martin picked this one up from Ebay for a very reasonable price. A Kyosho one this, powered by an OS 70 four stroke it is a bit overpowered but does fly very well.


Another Ebay buy belonging to Martin, a Harvard 2, this is basically a Tucano/Pilatus PC9 clone used by the US Air Force


Martin receives his "B" certificate presented to him on the day by Club Chairman Ian Fulcher


Not sure who this is, starting up an Extra..





Yet another of Martins models is this nice looking P51 Mustang, once again from Ebay, you really should try building Martin, it is very satisfying, still if you can pick up models like this for a fair price..... why not?