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WMFC Open Day

May 24th 2008


Report by Ian Fulcher

Heavy and gusty crosswinds prevented a truly unforgettable experience as far as flying was concerned but those brave hearts who ventured into the Aldeby skies did so with fearless foolhardiness. Fortunately there were no major casualties, although Graham's Clipped Wing Cub weather-cocked into wind and performed a triple toe-loop with twist on takeoff (scoring 5.8 from the judging panel) damaging the wing mounting. Graham was also unfortunate in that his Zagi decided it wanted to be a bird and started to flap it's wings. Kiwi Bob, Ace, Mike, Chas, Paul C, Tom and Yours truly flew without incident albeit in very tricky conditions. Mike even managed to get a trainer in the air but was obviously so impressed with his own skill he turned left instead of right and navigated an unconventional flightpath


The competitions where not officially entered into by anyone, but due to his valiant, if a little fortuitous, X-wind landing and with deft stick work managed to burst the balloon; Tom won the only medal awarded on the day and is seen below proudly displaying his award

Ace had a duration attempt and achieved an impressive 1 min 36 seconds. However his time was disqualified as he failed to land in the same county...er field that he took off from. Kiwi Bob said he was going to try a spot landing and balloon burst attempt so I took the opportunity to bugger off to stuff my face at the BBQ. I have no idea if he achieved anything - I am sure he will claim victory in one of the events, he's that kind of guy. Paula did us proud with Bacon Rolls etc and kept the coffee flowing - she is a real sweetheart. The BBQ's were fired up at 4 by the Ace, who incidentally showed us all what a lovely set of tools he has, and everyone descended upon them with bangers and burgers et al, one family showing us the way with a specially prepared BBQ sauce. There was a nice lot of family visitors who we hope had a fantastic day- even if they didn't see much in the way of flying. Out of the wind in the BBQ and Caravan area the sun was hot and everyone enjoyed the crack and friendly atmosphere - and Mike's head turned a nice shade of beetroot. The lovely Maureen, wife of Club Sec Chas, overestimated Chas' appetite which was great news for the rest of us. Sensational fruitcake and summer fruits crumble with fresh cream was for me the highlight of the day - thanks Maureen! Kiwi Bob turned his part of the car park into a bring and buy sale and many visitors went away with models aplenty and KB went away with a fistful of dollars. The fund-raising event that was proposed and withdrawn on a previous post did not take place as discussed thereon, however I did shake a tin at everyone and left it around for people to stuff their wad into. Many thanks to those who contributed - the Quiddenham Children's Hospice is £50.31 better off - sincere thanks everyone. (Special apology to Mrs Ace who unfortunately did not get what she came for) Another £450 ................. better not go there!!!



Following photos and "comments" by Bob "Kiwi Bob" Jones


As usual, the WMFC WAGs were in attendance. A visitor from Phoenix MFC, seen at right, made himself useful, by shielding KB from the strong wind...


The brisk wind blew the wrinkles out of the windsock


This was the balloon waiting to be "popped"


Martin enquires of Tom if anyone has "popped" the balloon...Tom is too modest to say



Graham had a few problems with his Zagi. Jordan kindly recovered it for him ..Jordan hasn't quite got the hang of aerodynamics yet, and KB showed him that the best way to stop getting blown over whilst carrying a plane, was to aim the pointy end INTO the wind.....

A breakaway group decided cars were a better option for today



Chas caught the viewing gallery's attention when his T-Bat spluttered at a critical point during take-off...



There's something about a T-Bat that only it's builder can love!!... Nicely flown and gently brought back to earth



Martin tweaks the mixture of his new OS61 2-stroke Corsair. He wisely decided to leave the maiden flight for a calmer day. John Straw, who had his brand new Wot trainer was also persuaded to leave it for another day


The new Gas BBQ "acquired" by the Ace was an excellent addition to the WMFC catering facilities