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John Straw, President and Committee member

FW "B" pilot, and Club FW Instructor



Committee Members, 2021


Harry Woodrow, Chairman, and Warbird Enthusiast

Colin Bedson, Vice Chairman, Secretary, "B" pilot and keen builder

Richard Smith, Treasurer

Bob Bertram, Membership secretary,
FW "A", and Leccy enthusiast

Alan Parker.. Committee Member

Mike Jacketts, Committee Member

  Other Posts  


Linda Easter, Area Chief Examiner, Area Chief Instructor FW.

Graham Wilkes, FW Examiner



KiwiBob, FW "B" pilot, Club FW Instructor, Webmaster, and Club Shop proprietor...


Martin Catling, Club FW Instructor, and FW "B" pilot


  Other Members,
in no particular order...

Eddie Crockford
A great character

Alan Parker. FW "A". Favours Leccy

Mike Easter FW "A"

Tom Cole. Long serving member

Richard Watson. Grounds crew. FW "A"

Gerry Crowther.. Quadcopters for Gerry..

Dale Gardner.. Working towards his FW "A". also his Heli "A"

Graham Minty. Top aerobatic flyer.

Phil Wyld.. Top FW and Heli flyer


Ed Ellner, veteran flyer;now has his FW "A"


Mike Cole, very long serving member


Stephen Thrower,FW "A"





Kevin Williamson, FW flyer


Chas Sugg "B" Pilot..

Mike Heaviside. Working towards his FW "A"




Regular supporters of our brave pilots..
Wives, sons.


Mo Sugg

Our Paula





William Woodrow