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Tom has had the kit for this model for some time, and has decided it's time to build it.




Photos above show the fuselage side frame and formers, and side frame being sheeted.



Another shot of one of the fuselage sides being sheeted and the former at the undercarriage position, with undercarriage wires fitted.



The fuselage side completely sheeted prior to trimming



The second side being layed up over the first, this gets the stringers exactly the same for both sides. Once the glue is dry the side is sheeted as before. It's important to keep these panels as flat as possible, as a warp or ripple is going to be hard to remove.



The fuselage is starting to take shape..... is it a boat? is it a plane? no, it's... well it is a plane really although you would be forgiven for thinking it was something else. The two protrusions on the bottom are the undercarriage sponsons, these will become more recognizable later on.



The two photos above are of the rear door, this part of the model will be a working opening door, a troop of paratroopers will exit through this door and form up for a....... no!, seriously it's just a model..... good idea though......



Tail and elevator under construction, the bellcrank in the centre is for the two rudders mounted on the fins on the ends of the stabilizer



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