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Here's Kevin Caton's new F3A Sebart Mythos Pro, taking off


Knife edge pass coming up





Landing approach


And... safely down..
Yes.. it was a misty day



Well flown, Kevin
Corr!! it's a big ole thing!!



Robert has made some changes to the Attila, and KB was assigned to take orf and trim..
Then Linda flew it for photoshoot and landing.. a luvverly plane powered by OS .30 fs

KB prepares for takeorf... :shock:


And... we're orf!!


Looks good..


landing approach by Linda..


Safely over the hedge


Robert also had his new PC9 with SC .46 for a maiden flight...


KiwiBob was assigned to take orf and land, and Linda to fly for Photoshoot.. :D


Minimal trimming needed for stable flight


Linda puts her Edge up for some aerobats..

Watched by Eddie


And.. safely over the hedge for a landing..


Nicely recovered by Eddie.. :roll: :roll: :roll:
(The previous owner)


Now, then.....

Here's John's new "Twister" from the late Dick Hales estate, powered by a SC .52 4-stroke..




Looks interesting..



Looks good, John..



Nose up test, assisted by Malcolm..



And.... we're off ..



Looks Tidy ☺




John felt the SC .52 was a bit tired, and has since replaced with a .52 2 stroke
which has given it a much more enthusiastic performance...



Well, now.. here's John again,with his new leccy Monolog..


So far, so good.. ready for take-orf...


The maiden flight begins...



Low pass for the camera



And, safely down..