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Aerotech DeHavilland Mosquito

by Graham Wilkes

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Another model recently added to the building board is this Aerotech Mosquito being built by Graham Wilkes, this kit was bought secondhand but untouched a few years ago and had been residing in the workshop awaiting it's turn. The Aerotech range of kits are no longer available, unless you can pick one up as I did, as the company ceased trading. The kit is a fairly quick build as most of the parts are made from veneered foam. The model is at 1/9th scale and has a span of 71in. my model is to be powered by a pair of SC .52 four strokes, with Spectrum 2.4 radio and a gyro on the rudder



Box of bits, a proper kit.... albeit a quickbuild with lots of foam parts.


Fuselage plans.


Fuselage under construction


Fuselage foam deckings added


Tail feathers from veneered foam and sheet balsa, the pieces are tacked together and sanded to shape then parted again


Wing plan, note there is no provision for flaps. I decided that the model really should have flaps with such a small wing tip chord and no washout


The wing halves were joined and the flaps marked out and cut along with the ailerons


Wing panels sanded to shape and flaps sanded and fitted using Robart hinges


Wing panels with all control surfaces trial fitted, the wing still has to be joined and engine nacelles fitted, then panels and control surfaces will be covered prior to final fitting.



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