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2012 Gallery


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Ben checks the controls of his new leccy vectored thrust, F-16


First flight, and flies beautifully..


Marty shows us his leccy camera plane
The camera can be rotated using the rudder control..
The actual rudder is connected to the aileron stick


The video signal is sent to the "viewing lounge"


Kiwibob tests the camera


Martin poses with Ben's new "Dynamic" Pylon racer
(Leccy, of course)


Ben slowed it down for the camera..
Top speed around 170mph


In contrast, John had his lovely Flair SE5A out for a spin
Powered by a .52 ASP 4-stroke


Jordan with his newly repaired Wild Card


Marty with his foamy Extra..great fun to fly..




David has some fun with his baby heli..


Linda shows how KB's Wot4 has an automatic retrac. system for bumpy landings..


A bit of brute force and it will be back to normal..


Now... this is more sensible.. KB's other Wot4 has skis fitted






A few days later... more snow now, so, with the aid of KB's truck,
a pallet and Linda, a take-off strip was made


☺ Hang on!! ☺


So easy with skis..


Landing approach


Now.. here's a Wot4 without skis taking off....
Strayed off the "runway".. tsk tsk..






Marty takes the Habu for a spin




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