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Gallery 4

2014 Gallery


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Here's Graham's new Gee Bee



Built from an ARTF kit


Graham tweaks the mixture.

Powered by an ASP 1.60 twin; horizontally opposed, ("Boxer") Four Stroke



Carried out by Malcolm



Final check


And... we're off!!


(From Wikepedia)

"The Gee Bee Model R Super Sportster was a special purpose racing aircraft made by Granville Brothers Aircraft of Springfield, Massachusetts.
Gee Bee stands for Granville Brothers"



Flies nice



Lovely sound from the engine.



Some aerobatics







Landing approach








And... safely down


Bob has this new Beaver for a flight.. Foam construction



Looks good.. Leccy, of course..









Grumm's new Me 110, ready for its' first flight



A twin-engine heavy fighter


First Take-off



Flies nicely



Foam construction, ARTF, 4 foot wingspan, Leccy powered



Landing approach



And safely down ☺


Mike and Linda purchased this Gilmore from Grumm, some time ago, needing a bit of work to the front.
Finally ready for its' first flight by the new owners


Grumm is taking off and landing for this flight


Powered by an OS 55AX


Flies well and fast


Linda has a stir of the sticks, once Grumm had trimmed it..
She found it nice to fly


And.. safely back to Mother Earth...