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Now... here's David's new kit built Kouger, ready for its' maiden flight.
Originally designed for IC, David has converted it to Leccy



David has fitted a gyro, and here's Grumm checking it out..
Uh Oh!, the rudder and ailerons gyro controls are going the wrong way



Back to the pits. There's the gyro, with the Orange RX beside it



Oh, Bother! reversing the gyro meant reversing the TX controls as well..



All OK, now, and we're away...


Lift off..



Plenty of power there..



The Kouger is quickly brought in, as the gyro controls were too much



And, safely down
The gyro sensitivity was reduced and it flew very nicely later, with ample power, but after about 9 minutes the engine cut.
Investigation seemed to indicate the 60 amp ESC had burnt out, so, a heftier one may be required



Here's new member, ED. He has been flying for many years, but never got round to gaining his "A", so has been having test flights with John.

He bought this nicely built Sillouette to see if it would fly OK
KiwiBob took it up for the maiden flight, and after a few hairy moments while the trims were adjusted, it flew very nicely.
A bit overpowered with a new Irvine .53 2 stroke, also very touchy, even on low rates. KB advised him not to try flying it without a buddy set.


Paul starts his new Aerotech SeaFury.


Bought from a club member in unfinished condition, Paul has made a nice job of it.



Carried out by son Jamie



Final checks before the maiden flight



Off we gooo!



A bit touchy, rates need to be reduced



Landing approach



And.. safely down



Now, here's Paul's bro', Martin with his Stringalong, also bought from a club member,and needing refurbishing




Final tweaks of the carb for the "nose-up" test



Final checks for the maiden flight



We have lift off. Powered by a new Irvine .53


Looks good



Designed by Frank Knowles in the 1960's
Originally designed for a .61 engine, such as the Merco 61



Flew very nicely, now for the landing....



And, safely down


This one is Chas's Flair Cub, also bought from a club member, and a few changes made to engine mounting, cowl, etc.


When purchased it had been newly covered in red solarfilm, and Chas searched the web for a red cub.

He found this rego, a Swiss "Grasshopper" Cub


And we're off..



Flies nicely, a .46 powers it



Now.. here's Eddie's new Seagull Edge 540



Powered by a SC 1.80 4 stroke
This is its' first flight



Eddie taxis out, assisted by Linda



And we're off!! a bit touchy and quite a lot of hurried trimming required



Now flying reasonably smoothly



Eddie tries a landing, but going too fast and ran out of runway
Have another go,Eddie..


That's better.. floats in for a perfect landing



Here's John with his new Osmose patternship, purchased locally, from an ad. in the BMFA Classifieds



Soon gets off!!



Flies nice



Farnborough pass coming up



Not bad ..



And, safely down


Well.... Here's Pete with his Flair Puppeteer, loosely based on the Sopwith Pup, it has had several owners in the club, and now, Pete..



Pre Flight Checks...



And... we're off...





Hmmmm.. a bit worrying.. seems a bit tail heavy, and hard to control....


Some frantic trimming, and a lot better, but eventually seemed to stall and a heavy landing in the next field..


Hope Piers does better with his Extra...



All working as they should..



Lift orf...!!



Unfortunately an untimely deadstick, resulted in a crash landing downwind.. just a few dents, and should be back in the sky real soon...


Now.. Here's Tom with his new leccy Cannard


Grumm is the test pilot today.. Ace Video Camera Linda, recording for posterity..


Here we go...


Blimey!! it flies!!



Needs quite a bit of left trim....



Stable now.. which way is it going??


Meanwhile, John flies a "normal" plane a Bi-stormer..




The Canard flies on...


Landing approach..



Now, then... wot's this??

A Ben Buckle Majestic Major, 3 channel, 88" wingspan and powered by a J'en .57 2-stroke.


Once at height, it flew best at engine tickover..


Now for landing...I had to give it loads of down to make it lose height


Ownned by new member Bob Arnell..



A bit tricky with the cross wind..but..


Safely Down..

Martin was flying for these photos.



Hmmmm.. This plane was very shy and din want to be photo'd..

Wonder wot it is???