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2014 Gallery


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Harry bought his newly built Bowman kit, Hurricane, for its' first flight
Assisted here, by Paul


And.. we're off..


Looks nice..
Powered by a .35 2-stroke it seems to be struggling


Oh No!! a wheel caught in a hole...


James is back in the hobby
A new Wot4 ARTF.. Assisted here by Martin.


Grumm bought this Nieuport 28 last year. This photo taken Summer 2013
This was the colour scheme when acquired


Grumm has done some research, and it now sports the colour scheme of Eddie Rickenbacker


American fighter pilot, 26-victory ace, Captain Eddie Rickenbacker




Note the posters for War Bonds


Take off







Farnborough Pass


Some gentle aerobatics




Landing approach






Alan with his HobbyKing Vampire..
Has been "well used", but still looks good in the air..



Launched by Graham


Looks Good




Landing approach



And... Safely down



Now... Here's Stuart with his first kit built plane, a Sig Kadet..

Stuart has modified it by adding ailerons, and reducing the dihedral

A new OS46LA is the power source..

We always take a pic before the flight.. (just in case..)

Big, innit?


After the takeoff by KiwiBob, and trimming up, of both the master and the slave (thanks, Linda), Stuart has a "Stir of the sticks" watched anxiously by Veronica



You can watch a Youtube video of this momentous occasion, here..


Thanks to Mike and Linda..


A successful maiden flight and everyone is happy..



Another maiden flight of Malcolm's kit built Mystic..

Powered by a SC 1.09 2-stroke


John is the test pilot today. He has plenty of experience with his similar Phoenix (Trike U/C)

Looks good, so far..


And.. we're orf..


Flies very nicely, and very stable..




And.. safely down..



Here's Grumm's HobbyKing Yak 54



A composite fuse, and a great price.. Grumm has powered it with a .52 2-stroke


Never got off the ground today, due to rx problems...



OK.. all sorted a few days later.. looks good


Flies very nicely






Farnborough pass



Landing approach




And back to Mother Earth...


Now.. here we have John's Fokker D8, built from a kit designed for IC, but converted to Leccy



John has had one "less than completely successful" flight, due to the CG being too far back..
Ample lead has now been incorporated into the cowl area, so, we shall see what the effect is...


Yes.. everything working as it should..


Here we goooo..


A bit of trimming, and looks very good..


Decals, pilot and other suchlike will soon be added






Power seemed to be waning.. but could have been due to the strong wind..
Anyway, John decided to land quickly, downwind..

Slightly bumpy, but no damage


Now.. here we have nice pair of bipes namely the Sebarts Miss Wind 50E.....
Rain and drizzle until 4pm, then a hole in the clouds let us fly


A Maiden flight by KiwiBob, assisted by Linda who has flown hers two or three times