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Now, then.. Here's Linda with her new YAK 54, acquired from Eddie after an unscheduled landing in a faraway field.. sustaining some damage to the front

Nicely repaired by Linda and ready to try out while the winds are low, and not too much of an audience..

An OS 120 2-stroke is the power source..

Most "adequate" as they say ...



Take-off was fine.. a bit of trimming required, and now for landing, to remove some lead from the front...



Nicely down..



What's this then?? A Flair Attilla.. originally acquired by KB in a job lot..sold on to Chas, who recovered it and made a few repairs.. then sold to Linda, who never got round to fitting engine and servos, so sold on to Robert, who recovered it in the colour scheme of his upcoming Flair Hannibal



KB is the test pilot.. A bit of up elevator and we're away.. some serious trimming required as a bit nose heavy.. Thanks Linda for pushing the buttons..
A .30 OS 4 stroke powers it..


Robert has a stir of the sticks, once trimmed up...



KB brings it home..



OK!!.. so not the neatest landing...!!


But down safely.. ☺☺






A "photoshopped" flypast....


Linda's new Edge is a real nice aerobat..




Now then.. the day of the WMFC Christmas Party at the field..
Some people actually flew as well as feasted !!

Here's Harry with his kyosho Focke Wulf 190.. (leccy)


This (Artf) kit has been in Harry's loft for about 6 years..tsk tsk!


And we're away..


Looks good..










Wheels down for landing approach....


Safely over the hedge.. (Unlike some??)




And.. safely down.. ☺☺